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VSPAGY developed as a prominent personalized video interaction platform in 2019, providing a wide range of industries like banking, insurance, retail, automobile, travel, and many more. Its major goal is to improve company customer engagement.

The platform enables these businesses to engage in a variety of personalized video conversations with their customers. Real-time analytics and dashboard information are used to improve performance. Furthermore, it stresses data security by utilizing secure API protocols that ensure secrecy.

Acadian Technologies Private Limited, the VSPAGY trademark holder, has developed alliances with major Indian banks and insurance companies. The company has achieved ISO-27001:2013 compliance and DPIIT/DIPP certification through the prestigious Startup India initiative.

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Who we are

Experts in Video

At VSPAGY, we are at the forefront of video personalization and rendering innovation in India. Our mission is to empower marketers, enabling them to create personalized and engaging customer communication that fosters strong brand affinity.

Through our cutting-edge platform, we revolutionize marketing strategies by incorporating online personalized and interactive videos across various communication channels like SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp, websites, mobile apps, and social media.

With a team of seasoned professionals driven by creativity and technology, we are dedicated to providing innovative video solutions that enhance customer experiences, drive exceptional ROI, and bring a human touch to enterprise communication.

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Value That Drive Us

VSPAGY is driven by an unwavering passion for engagement, and our ultimate mission is to revolutionize customer communication through our innovative PI videos.

Our corporate work culture finds its strength in three fundamental core values, which serve as our guiding light, leading us toward excellence in all aspects of our endeavors. Alongside our strategic vision, these values form the very foundation of our company, ensuring that every action we take remains true to our principles.

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Trust lies at the core of our existence

Transparent communication, upholding commitments, and treating all individuals with utmost respect are the cornerstones of our approach. Within our organization and among our esteemed partners and customers, trust is the bedrock upon which all our relationships are built.

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Customer Success

Customer success is the heartbeat of our business

Embracing a customer-centric mindset, we continuously learn from our partners and clients, deeply understanding their unique needs and challenges.

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Ingrained in every aspect of our company's culture

Transparency is ingrained in every aspect of our company's culture, fostering trust and strong relationships with our stakeholders. From clear communication with customers to open collaboration within our team, we believe in being upfront about our processes, decisions, and challenges.

Our Vision

At the heart of our vision is a significant shift in video consumption, with tailored and interactive experiences that enable viewers to actively participate.

We drive a revolution in audience-brand and content-creator interactions by building true connections, ushering in a new era of immersive and personalized content consumption. Our objective is to enable consumers, creators, and businesses to interact meaningfully through video content.

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Meet the leadership team

Unleash the synergy of boundless creativity and technical prowess

prabhat kumar

Prabhat Kumar

Founder & Director

pankaj saxena

Pankaj Saxena

Founder & CEO

pranay saxena

Pranay Saxena

Founder & CTO

rashmi mishra

Rashmi Mishra

Co-Founder & CPO

VSPAGY Empowers Businesses across Diverse Industries to Achieve Exceptional Outcomes by Leveraging Interactive and Personalized Videos

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