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Nudge Your Customers by Recognizing them as Individuals!

Videos that are highly tailored lead to longer attention spans and thus improve your engagement CTAs. Personalized content sent timely is more relevant, interesting, and influential. The platform offers deep hyper-personalization across the video feeds basis the various data variables and information available with you about the customer through secured and seamless API integration with your CRM tools.

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Personalized Voice

Based on the data collected, we support voice customization. e.g., for each customer's gender, a distinct audio clip can be mapped to be used. The platform also offers voice cloning feature to send personalized messages at scale.

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Text Personalization

We encourage you to include information about the viewer, their business, or other personally identifiable information to pique their interest. e.g., last item placed in the cart, policy maturity date, premium amounts, service due date, amongst others.

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Image Personalization

Render images depending on the customer-specific data variable and create a custom image placeholder in the video. e.g., the car in each video could appear in that individuals' customers actual car color and car number.

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Multi-Video Personalization

Within the primary customized video, you can have other personalized films. e.g., multiple products cross-sell, product explainer videos or demos, product catalogue, message from the CEO for individuals or different departments.

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Language Personalization

The platform supports over 51 global languages and gives viewers the option to choose their preferred language. Moreover, once the viewer has chosen the language the video, even when repeated plays in the same language unless changed.

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Location Personalization

Video images and information can be hyper-personalized deepening on the location of the viewer. e.g., city specific references images can appear in the background depending on the location of the viewer, dealership address and differential price mapping can also be done specific to the location of the viewer.

''71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and 76% get frustrated when this doesn't happen.''

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Transformative Personalized Videos from a Single Recording

Just create one video and use our platform to personalize and generate personalized video links for your individual customers at scale. Deliver Unparalleled One-On-One Experiences to Your Clients to Boost Engagement, Improve Conversion Rates, and Drive Sales Growth

An Easy Process to Personalize


Shoot and Upload Media

You can upload your message video on the platform after recording it. Generate personal name call-outs through VSPAGY.


Personalize Content

Add names and other variables to your media that need personalization, or just integrate our secure API into your system to pass variable data to connect with each customer individually.


Start Link Generation

Create hyper-personalized video links with only one click. Each video link when played would automatically have not just the individual customer name, but will display information and data relevant and personalised to each individual customer.

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brand personalization

Bring Your Brand and Customer Close with Personalized Videos

Experience Personalization in Action

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Demographic Personalization

We encompass demographic personalization, tailoring experiences to align with specific characteristics. By understanding and catering to individualized demographics, we strive to provide a more personalized and relevant interaction for each user.

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Audio Personalization

Experience a new level of immersion with our audio personalization. We tailor soundscapes to suit individual preferences, ensuring that your auditory experience is finely tuned to your liking. We strive to deliver a uniquely tailored auditory journey just for you.

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Personalized Text

Elevate your content experiences with our personalized text. Our approach involves crafting text tailored to individual preferences, ensuring that the information presented resonates with each user on a personal level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized videos are similar to tailored messages made just for you, including personal touches that make them more engaging. You may personalize videos to achieve better customer interactivity and give a boost to your overall sales using elements like a personalised GIF.

Personalized videos offer a pool of benefits, including better engagements, higher conversion rates, and a genuine connection with your audience. You can make it even more special by leveraging a personalised GIF that better resonates with the user.

Stats tell us that personalized videos can skyrocket click-through rates by up to 300%, bringing a 1.6x increase in conversion rates. These studies vouch for the effectiveness of customized, encouraging you to personalize videos for your user group.

Making personalized videos is easy with the right tools and a well-thought-out strategy. Knowing your audience and their preferences also helps in making the perfect video. Right messaging, appealing visuals, and correct context are the key ingredients to personalizing videos.

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Empowering Businesses Worldwide with our Video Platform

No two businesses are the same. You need a video platform that is built to satisfy your specific business needs and the needs of your customers-and anticipate the demands of your future success.

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