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Know How VSPAGY Uses Personalized Videos to Bring your Customer Back

Rediscover Exclusive Offers

With our interactive video solution, we can amp up customer engagement and gently nudge users about items they've left behind in their carts. Imagine seamlessly guiding them back to their favorite products, whether it's in their cart or Wishlist. It's all about creating a friendly and personalized online space that feels just right for each user.

rediscover exculusive offers
coins in wallet

Reminder for the Coins in Wallet

Engage and empower ecommerce users by introducing a dynamic, interactive video experience that unveils the hidden potential of their digital wallets. Discover the diverse range of coins in your wallet and gain valuable insights with this immersive and user-friendly exploration.

Seamless Checkout Experience

Users can effortlessly click on the checkout button right within the video interface, swiftly guiding them to the payment page. Enhance the user experience and increase conversions with this seamless, direct-to-payment feature.

seamless checkout
behavioural personalization

Behavioural Personalization for Strategic Retargeting

Implementing hyper-personalized options based on past behaviour becomes crucial. By utilizing behaviour personalization, tailored suggestions and interactions can be crafted, ensuring a more engaging and customized use rexperience.