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Across Channels

You can easily expand your consumer base and increase engagement with them by using customized interactive videos. They make viewers feel like a part of the narrative for a longer period and offer them a sense of the brand's authenticity with which they interact.

The customer experience can be improved, individuals can learn from it, and it can provide important information about various markets and consumer demographics.

track customer journey

Track the Path of your Customers across all Media

You can reach and interact with your audience more by using customized interactive films. They keep people's interest for a longer period, make them feel like a significant part of the narrative, and give them a feeling of the truthfulness of the business they are interacting with. It can be used to improve customer service, impart knowledge, and gather important information into various markets and consumer demographics.

A Single Platform for Broadcasting Across Several Channels

It has become vital to manage, supply, and distribute material in the digital realm as the business and social worlds have become more and more dependent on it.

  • Emails with video messaging
  • Personalized, collaborative, and data-driven email marketing
  • Increase the open and click-through rates of your emails.
  • Utilize our email platform to create very successful emails with integrated videos.
  • Video of VSPAGY PI.

A very user-friendly interface is provided by VSPAGY for sending large numbers of emails while on the go. Fast connection with any of your applications thanks to a robust and trustworthy API.

It is possible to significantly enhance the consumer experience by using email route analytics.

Video Messaging E-mails
Video Messaging SMS

SMS for Video Messaging

With VSPAGY PI videos, your SMS marketing campaigns will be more effective.

Any of your current SMS service providers can be integrated using VSPAGY's versatile and reliable APIs.

When included in SMS marketing, VSPAGY PI Videos multiply their success by 5X. With a highly tailored video short link in an SMS text, grab your customers' attention. To present PI videos on SMS, we provide reliable, enterprise-grade, highly protected APIs. For effective campaigns, we provide template administration, scheduling, blacklisting of mobile numbers, and thorough SMS channel analytics.

Functionality like Blacklisting, Short URLs, Reports and Data analysis, Theme Management, and Rich APIs are provided.

Video Messaging: WhatsApp

A direct, efficient method for interacting between your company and your clients is WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp integrated as a means of interaction layer with the audience you want to reach, you may create tailored content (videos, GIFs, PDFs, images, and text) in real time.

Any of your current WhatsApp collaborators can be integrated with VSPAGY's versatile and reliable APIs.

Integrate a chatbot to start a deep dialogue with your consumers.

Customers can start conversations and request assistance using WhatsApp concerning purchase information, delivery status updates, etc. that can be distributed as VSPAGY PI videos.

Video Messaging WhatsApp
Video Messaging Website/Mobile APP

Video Messaging: Website/Mobile APP

For greater conversions, post engaging PI videos to your website or mobile application.

Sales are a result of conversions. To increase your bottom line, you must concentrate on raising and improving your conversion rate. Customized videos enhance the user experience and increase conversions on the landing page you create or product detail page.

Your video may feature a form for information collecting that can be utilized for video personalization as part of inbound marketing. By using cookies and email credentials to identify returning visitors, your automated marketing system can play hyper-personalized films that are specially designed for them.

Video Messaging: Social Media

Participate in PI Videos on the social network that your customers like.

VSPAGY PI videos can help your video marketing approach. Overcome your direct response as well as knowledge objectives, successfully communicate with the correct audience, and increase revenues. To draw in customers, make engaging, interactive, and tailored films. Videos created using VSPAGY can be posted directly to your customers' social media accounts.

Our Social Media connectivity removes all obstacles from dynamic video campaigns, whether they are created from scratch or using previously generated content.

Video Messaging Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-channel video publishing entails sharing video content simultaneously across various platforms, maximizing audience reach through multi channel publishing.

A multi-channel video publishing strategy is favored for its ability to broaden visibility, engaging diverse audiences across multiple platforms effectively.

Multi-channel video publishing is crucial for optimizing audience reach, ensuring comprehensive visibility across diverse platforms through multi channel publishing.

To leverage multi channel publishing software effectively, focus on platform relevance, customize content for each channel, maintain consistency in posting, and use analytics to refine your strategy.

video platform

Empowering Businesses Worldwide with our Video Platform

No two businesses are the same. You need a video platform that is built to satisfy your specific business needs and the needs of your customers-and anticipate the demands of your future success.

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