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Enjoy a 14-day free trial; upgrade when you're hooked.

2000 Credits

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Features Included:

Free Templates

Template Editor

Video Interactivity

Video Personalization

Link Validity Upto 30 Days

API & Webhook Integration

Self Serve Knowledgebase

Email Support


Great way to taste our services with a few exciting projects.

5000 Credits

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All features included in Free plan, and:

Free + Pro Templates

Team Collaboration

Analytic Reports


A perfect plan for small businesses and startups to start with.

10000 Credits

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All features included in Starter Plan, and:

Dedicated Account Manager

Priority Support


Best for agencies aiming for excellence and optimal results.

25000 Credits

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All features included in Professional Plan, and:

2 Dedicated Account Managers

Live Agent Support


Have a huge enterprise? Customize the plan as you like!

Talk to our sales team to learn how VSPAGY can provide 352% ROI for your business.

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All features included in Business Plan, and:

CRM/MAP Integration

Fully-customizable CTAs

Custom Permissions and Security Options

Video Embedded Brand Page

Custom Domain

Complex Conditional Logics

Customizable Form Integration

Priority Support and Onboarding

Event Monitoring

star icon Level up your customer engagement game with us!

Integrate your CRM platforms with VSPAGY to spread the magic of interactivity and personalization

Engage with personalized videos that speak volumes and redefine your customer relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, VSPAGY offers a 14 day free trial period. After which you can purchase any plan that is suitable to you.

The subscription includes access to all features of the platform, including creating, editing, accessing pre-built templates and generating personalized interactive video links.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, please note that refunds are subject to our refund policy.