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Create and keep up your custom short URLs

You can now shorten your URLs and easily create and customize your link with several themes using VSPAGY Smart Links.

We provide a complete platform for branding and managing Smart Link. You can enable the construction of shared, trackable landing pages that are intended to entice people to do a specific action using their favorite app or service. This allows you to connect to existing channels such as SMS, Email, WhatsApp, social media, and third-party solutions.

  1. IP authentication on a highly secure platform.
  2. Complete link tracking. Deep data analytics can be used to assess marketing effectiveness
  3. Google Analytics is also incorporated.
  4. You can put the Smartlink URL on a landing page on your website.
  5. increasing the overall monetization of traffic
  6. Simple link shortening.
  7. Personalized domain name.
  8. A single link between operating systems
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Simple and swift Smart URL generator
smart link icon

Smart links platform with great power

VSPAGY is a dependable, scalable, and highly secure short-link management platform that allows for the building of shareable, trackable landing pages meant to entice people to take a certain action using their favorite app or service.

on demand on prim deployment icon

On-demand primary deployment

Aside from SaaS, VSPAGY enables on-premises deployment of its platform. We can smoothly deploy our cutting-edge short URL platform with intuitive GUI and restful API on the need of an enterprise.

deep linking icon

Deep Linking

You can direct users to the correct location using mobile communications. Deep links guide mobile device users to relevant pages within your app rather than your website. Users click on advertising and are directed to your app's pages.

branded link icon

Branded and personalized Smart Links

Create smart links under your own branded domain to add credibility and enhance click-through rates like never before. Personalize smart links to increase clicks. Customize smart links to meet your product, marketing efforts, or any occasion.

restful api icon

Restful API

We provide a restful API to assist you in better organizing your smart link administration. We offer a tremendous deal of flexibility.

in depth analytics icon

Detailed Analytics

We give a real-time, interactive dashboard that delivers comprehensive analytics such as app opens and store visits across all devices and channels such as SMS, Email, social media, and WhatsApp. VSPAGY also offers geolocation, device, and operating system information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The smart link is ideal for elevating user experience and engagement. Transforming long URLs into branded short URLs not only enhances aesthetics but also simplifies sharing while providing valuable insights into user interactions.

A Smart URL is designed to convert lengthy links into branded short URLs, enhancing both user-friendliness and visual appeal. This streamlined approach using a custom link generator simplifies sharing, tracking, and analyzing user engagement for a more effective online presence.

The primary distinction lies in presentation and functionality. A URL is a standard web address, whereas a Smart Link, often a branded short URL, is a condensed, branded version crafted for improved aesthetics, user engagement, and advanced tracking capabilities.

Yes, Smart Links are generally safe. They adhere to industry-standard security protocols, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity. Nevertheless, users should exercise caution, verifying the source of Smart Links to mitigate potential security risks.

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