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VSPAGY Digi-Greetings may help you make regular greetings spectacular.

Promoting associations and boosting brand loyalty, give clients the option to spread brand awareness by offering customized holiday greetings. Customization depends on the various customer profiles and purchasing tendencies, and is tailored to express your deepest emotions and establish an emotional connection with your audience. You can also create customized material with your company's logo to forge enduring bonds with your audience. Try it right away!

Digital-Greetings for Every Occasion

With VSPAGY Digi Greetings, you may create your regular greetings exceptional. The key characteristics of the VSPAGY Digi-Greeting Services are as follows:

content management icon

Categorical robust content management system

Different situations call for different categorization. Different categories might be used to group greetings. Our content management system has amazing capabilities.

video gifs icon

Video, GIF, and Image Transmission

Videos, GIFs, and photos are created and used to send greetings.

personalization  icon

Including Customization

You can create incredibly personalized greetings including customization using Digi-greetings. Whatever you choose, such as a name, image, voice recording, video, or GIF, can be included in your greeting card.

user management  icon

User Management and Role Management

You can control accessibility through the Digi-greeting administrative portal. Give specific users access to only those groups that include the data that interests them.

user management  icon

Moderation (Maker Checker)

The administrator will always be mindful of who has gained access and who has received what greeting.

mis  icon

Extensive MIS with a Dashboard that is Dynamic

A complete and thorough MIS can help you assess the success of your greetings among users. You can modify your control panel to meet your demands.

cloud deployment  icon

On-Premises as well as Cloud Deployment

VSPAGY delivers Digi Greetings using real-time digital twins using on-premises deployment as well as Cloud Deployment.

trust icon

Trusted Platform

The Digi-greetings portal is very secure because it requires particular login info from each user in order to use it.

sharing mediums icon

Publication over SMS, Email and WhatsApp

Send a digital regard to someone by SMS, email, or WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digi Greetings offer a personal and versatile touch, leveraging the charm of a greeting card video to create lasting memories. Enhance connections and convey emotions uniquely with this modern twist.

Digi Greetings serve various purposes, from birthdays to holidays. A greeting card video adds a personal dimension, elevating celebrations and leaving a lasting impression on special occasions.

A Video Greeting Card seamlessly combines traditional cards with personalized video messages. Featuring a built-in screen, recipients can enjoy the greeting card video, providing a delightful and interactive experience.

Creating a Digi Greeting involves recording or uploading a video message. Platforms like Digi Greetings offer templates and tools for easy customization of your greeting card video, ensuring a heartfelt and personal touch to your wishes.

With the help of Personalized and Interactive Videos, VSPAGY assists Companies from a Variety of Industries in Achieving their Objectives

Visit our interactive video solutions or get in touch with us for a custom demo.

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