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To assess the success of your projects, we provide you three different types of reports

Every project and API that you develop is tracked by us. We've compiled three reports based on that information so you can evaluate your accomplishments and areas for improvement.

Monitor your Video Content Performance through Play Report

  • You will get insights into viewer engagement and overall interaction with your video.

  • You can keep track of key metrics such as play duration, Device, viewer demographics and many more.

  • Optimize video strategies by identifying audience preferences.

  • Get data-driven decision-making for enhancing content quality and viewer experience.

report image

Analyze in-depth user behavior with your customized videos with our quick access heatmap reports.

  • Choose video template, project and define a time period, and with the click of a search button you will be able to access all user interaction with your video link such as the Session Id, MIS Date, Request Time and much more.

  • Leverage heatmaps to optimize your video elements, enhancing viewer engagement and overall experience. You can even search by links, device, browser, country, etc.

  • Gain valuable insights into viewer preferences, and the overall effectiveness of your content.

report image

Receive detailed insights from video footage through Video Data Report

  • Analyzes trends, patterns, and anomalies within video content.

  • Get data on viewer engagement, popular segments, and user behavior.

  • You can optimize content, enhance user experience, and target specific demographics.

  • Enhance your overall video strategy through informed data-driven decisions.

report image

Detailed analytics to analyze video data and enhance every aspect of your video strategy.


Video Platform and Channel Analysis

Real time data analysis of each channel and platform usage. It includes detailed video performance analysis providing different OS like Android, IOS etc., as well as different communication channels like SMS, e-mail, social media etc.


Viewer Engagement Insights

VSPAGY video platform delivers deep insight of viewers. It lets you know the duration, engagement type, time of engagement, most used browser, location & devices.


Performance Analytics

Performance of each video asset on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Information about how many users are watching the video and for how long, who has clicked and shown interest and if the videos are generating the highest ROI.


Behavioral Analytics

We provide the performance of their video assets so that you can better understand your viewers. It will help you to create the ideal offers for the viewers if you know what their customers are interested in.

detail analytics image

Oh! Aaaandd a dynamic dashboard to summarize everything

Data visualization, real-time monitoring, performance measurement, and actionable insights all at one place. Optimize your video content, enhance user engagement, and make informed decisions based on our comprehensive data analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can implement and read the fine print of viewer behavior with ease. Continue pulling in more viewers by gaining valuable insights such as which parts of your videos are most frequently seen. Adaptable gains the flexibility to watch the video files in the formats of your choice.

Your digital or IP-based videos can be transformed into useful business information that benefits your company with the help of video analytics.

Computer vision algorithms are used in video analytics to analyze video data. These algorithms are trained to identify things. As the algorithms are exposed to additional data over time, they employ machine learning techniques to increase their accuracy.

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