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Axis Mutual Fund and VSPAGY - Customer Success Story

Customer Success Story – Axis Mutual Fund & VSPAGY

Client Brief

Help our Financial Advisors (ARNs) generate leads through risk profiling their customers.

The VSPAGY Solution

A personalised video interactivity campaign was created as part of the #SochaSamjhaRisk campaign in which the ARNs were able to send personalized video links to their customers.

Video streams with hyper-personalized information were generated in real time and sent to individual viewers with a co-branding and contact information of the respective ARNs.

The video when played featured a human guide promoting the individual customers to answer various questions needed for risk profiling.

Lead capturing was in-built within the video through interactive elements by prompting the viewers to fill in their details at the start of the video.

Customers were able to submit their answers within the video and get real-time summary of their personal risk profile before the video ended.


What is usually a mundane form filling exercise was transformed into a high engagement activity with active participation of the mutual fund distributors. This is an on-going campaign, and we are delighted to report that the campaign has been a resounding success with unique views of over 29%. What was even more delightful is that over 33% of customers who saw the video completed the risk profile assessment.