Case Studies

Blackberrys and VSPAGY - Customer Success Story

Client Brief

Create a personalized video interactivity campaign to generate referrals during the wedding and festive season.

The VSPAGY Solution

We created an engagement campaign that triggered referrals from customer walk-ins at the store, by a simple click on QR code customer walk-ins were able to generate personalized video interactivity streams in real time.

Blackberrys placed the QR code of this personalized video at their retail location triggering customers to scan the same to see some exclusive designs.

The QR code triggered a browser page on customer phones which enabled them to fill personal details like Name, Mobile Number, they were also prompted to fill in the same details for their friends and family members.

Once done, they were promoted to send personalized video stream(s) recommending their favorite festive styles exclusive collection from a list of attires to their friends and family in the form of a personalized video.

The customer's experience gets more relevant and interesting as the video starts with their personalized name and displays the exclusive collection of outfit choices for the wedding and festive season which are sent by their friends and family.

Through video interactivity, the customers were able to interact with clickable buttons which are present in the video such as Book an Appointment at Store, Explore Blackberrys Wedding Collection, Style Your Loved Ones which allowed them to drive action from within the video.

Customers also got a gift voucher to browse their favorite styles after they have curated collection for their friends and family.


Blackberry Walk-in customers generated over 60,000 personalized interactive videos, triggering over 100,000 views, and generating over 61,000 referrals in a period of ~70 days of the campaign period. Thus, generating a phenomenal Engagement CTA of over 60%. This was through just placing about 365 QR codes across the Blackberrys stores. Campaign Period 21 Oct 2022 - 31 December 2022.