Case Studies

Max Life Insurance and VSPAGY- Customer Success Story

Client Brief

Create a personalized video interactivity campaign for a recruitment drive for Max Life agent advisors with a gamified experience.

The VSPAGY Solution

  • We created a lead generation campaign. With just one video, Max Life was able to distribute personalized video interactivity stream(s) at scale to individuals simultaneously via the SMS channel.

  • The individual's experience gets more relevant and interesting as the video starts with their personalized name and guides them through the instructions to play the game.

  • Through video interactivity, the prospective agent advisors were able to interact with clickable buttons which were present in the video and were prompted to initiate the game by clicking on [Let's find out] button.

  • A 'spectrum of happiness' element appeared alongside the questions as they started to play.

  • Individuals could respond to a series of questions by choosing an emoji and were able to navigate through the previous and next question with the help of [go back] or [next] buttons.

  • Depending on the response given on each question, their individual spectrum of happiness displayed colors either partially or fully.

  • The video also allowed prospective agent advisors to see how their final 'spectrum of happiness' looks like when they click on [Get report].

  • Individuals were able to show interest for work opportunity as agent advisor by clicking on [Give a call] and/or [get a call back]. Once they clicked on any of the two a form pops up which asks to enter their Name and Mobile Number all from within the video.


The personalized video interactive streams got over 25% unique views amongst all recipients who were sent the message. The engagement CTAs were over 35% amongst all those who viewed the videos as 12% of all recipients interacted with [Give a call] and [Get a call] back buttons present in the video. The referrals percentage was over 30% and more than 100% amongst all those who viewed the videos. Campaign duration 23 Nov 2021 - 31 March 2022. (Data is shared only on percentage basis to protect client confidentiality)