Case Studies

TANISHQ and VSPAGY - Customer Success Story

The Engagement Opportunity

Tanishq wanted to engage its customers with relevant communication when their Golden Harvest Plan matured. Since each customer has a different slab structure at maturity the catalogue mapping with each customer was different. The opportunity was to leverage the VSPAGY platform and create personalized engagement with customers to browse catalogues that are relevant to their specific amounts of maturity in their Golden Harvest Plan accounts and take decisions easily and quickly.

Tanishq leveraged the VSPAGY platform to create a communication campaign that can leverage personalized video interactivity for this campaign.

The VSPAGY Solution

  • A hyper-personalized campaign was created to remind customers that their Golden Harvest Plan is nearing maturity.

  • Engagement flows were pre-defined and approved in the form of video storyboard templates.

  • One personalized video with elements of video interactivity were added at each stage of the video using interactive buttons and personalization text.

  • Auto Generated Video Streams are sent to individual customers when their respective Golden Harvest Plan is nearing its maturity.

  • The personalized interactive video streams that were received by customers fetched individual customer data through secured APIs through pre-defined cohorts.

  • Each video when received is Hyper-personalized including individual name and specifics of the plan such as Account Number, Accumulated Amount, Date of Maturity and Last date of Redemption.

  • Video interactivity was also added in the video which allowed individual viewers to view catalogue of jewellery options as per the projected maturity balance in their respective accounts.

  • Customers also had the option of locating the nearest store, getting directed to a product page, go for further enquiries all from within the video communication stream. This also enabled customers to take immediate action with the help of the interactive buttons within the video.


This is an ongoing campaign that started as a pilot towards the end of March 2023 and since it has had some amazing results, Tanishq decided to continue this as an ongoing customer engagement. Total views were 21% and Engagement CTAs have significantly improved to 14% based on a 30-day average campaign period. The conversion through this campaign was observed to be around 20% of the targeted base.