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Turning Viewers into Customers

Capture customer attention with personalized videos. Personalized videos amplify the engagement effectiveness by making individual connect with your customers. It’s an innovative & effective engagement medium to delight, engage and convert viewers into customers. Personalized videos are relevant, engaging and influence customers buying decision.

One-to-One | Email | SMS

Add the power of video and interactivity to Email and SMS campaigns. Vspagy empowers you to take one to one personalized marketing to a level where you connect with your customers individually... read more

Interactivity | CTA | Convert

Interactivity will enable an enterprise to achieve marketing goals which includes lead generation, increased sales, brand awareness and upsurge in website traffic. Vspagy helps enterprises with many interactive... read more

Video Banner | Advertise | ROI

We combine videos, Ad inserts and personalization to create highly effective customer engagements, yielding better click thru rates and conversions. Our solution combines the power of one-2-one targeting... read more

Insights | Real-time | Relevance

Vspagy enables personalized video analytics and offers critical and relevant business intelligence to marketers about the profitability and success of customer engagement. You can analyze all the video matrics... read more

What We Do

We combine Video & Data with interactivity to create highly personalized interactive marketing videos. We enable Enterprises to create unique videos, tailored for individual customer using an innovative storytelling by putting customer data to work. Our state of art personalized video platform enables you to create millions of videos in a single click.


It’s a proven fact that communication comprising of Personalized Dynamic Videos results in effective engagement, leading to better conversion rate. Personalized videos are the new standards for the marketers to stand in the crowd. Get creative – Impress, Surprise and Delight your customer with Personalized video


We enable our enterprises to ideate, innovate and optimize their video marketing strategy. Our tools help automate and execute personalized video marketing campaigns across channels of SMS, Email, Social Media and Websites. It helps you showcase, cross-sell, up-sell and re-target your product offerings to your prospect and existing customers. Our data driven video marketing platform seamlessly integrates with your diverse enterprise system to achieve intricate business use-cases.

About Us

Vspagy is the next generation technology initiative of Acadian Technologies Private Limited, with personalization and interactivity at its core. Vspagy brings vivacity to Enterprise video communication. It delivers WOW moments to the customer and makes relevant and thoughtful customer experience.

Pioneers in video personalization and rendering technology in India, Vspagy helps marketers individualize their customer communication and increase brand affinity like never before. Our platform helps businesses transform marketing communication, and drive revenue through the strategic use of on-line Personalized videos across channels of communication like SMS, Email, websites and social media.

We are a company driven by seasoned professionals with a nick in creativity and technology and an intense ambition to provide innovative marketing solutions that drive improved customer experience, enhanced ROI and humane touch to Enterprise communication. Vspagy drives customer engagement for diverse industries - including banking, FSI, e-commerce, retail, education, healthcare, hotels & logistics, telecom, travel and DTH.

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Get in touch - we'd love to hear from you. Whether you want to increase your sales, educate your customers and avoid service calls, or simply thank them in a special way. Please call or email us. Fill in your details and let us get back to you for answering your queries related to our product and services.