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VSPAGY Announces the Launch of Its SaaS 3.0 (Beta) Platform with DIY Personalized and Interactive Creator Tools for SMEs

VSPAGY SaaS 3.0 Beta Platformz

Noida, Dec 19, 2023

VSPAGY, a trailblazer in cutting-edge technology, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking AI powered SaaS 3.0 (Beta) platform. This unique software-as-a-service offering is set to revolutionize the content marketing capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small office/ home office (SOHO) entrepreneurs, providing intuitive DIY creator tools to generate personalized interactive (PI) images, Gifs and videos to distribute them at scale.

The platform, currently in its third generation, focusses on enabling enterprise users to create and modify rich media content and adding PI capabilities. Personalized rich media content as part of enterprise communication is a powerful method to enhance viewer engagement and interaction. VSPAGY simplifies the process, allowing users to create and modify videos and other content through the ease of easy set-up of variables. Setting up variables in VSPAGY is easy and users can add image or text variables at various levels. In fact, the desired media can be added dynamically to create personalized content. The platform also offers, amongst other features, the ability to generate API links to be able to integrate it with enterprise platforms or websites to generate Real-time viewer analytics.

VSPAGY which has over the years been primarily for the use of large enterprise customers and has generated over 500 million personalized video interactive streams, now has easy-to-use template libraries for a quick start for small retailers, educators, restaurant owners, insurance agents, real estate brokers, healthcare clinics, amongst others. Registration and usage are currently free during the beta stage. The 3.0 version of the platform is a game changer for small digital creators, small office/ home office (SOHO) entrepreneurs, SMEs and the creator community as well.

Talking about the release, Pranay Saxena, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of VSPAGY said: ''As we unveil VSPAGY 3.0, I am incredibly proud of the technological advancements and user-centric features that define this milestone release. The platform integrates cutting-edge personalized video interactivity with intuitive DIY creator tools, offering SMEs and SOHO entrepreneurs a powerful toolkit for digital innovation. Our commitment to simplicity and effectiveness shines through in this release, as we empower businesses to craft dynamic, engaging content without technical barriers. This launch marks a pivotal moment to empower brands and content creators to engage with their audiences by providing a cutting-edge platform that leverages the latest technology and best practices in data analytics, machine learning, and user experience design.''

VSPAGY 3.0 - A Personalized Interactivity Editor for Everyone

The simplified editor tools have been designed to help any individual with no prior knowledge of content creation be able to create rich media content (images, gifs or videos), and be able to add personalization and interactivity layers before distributing it to their customers. With simplified controls offering a selection of personalized and interactive elements, easy to access set of pre-defined controls. The editor also allows users to modify text, create input boxes, hotspots, interactive buttons, amongst others.

The editor allows the creator to use a range of pre-set elements to customize their videos from adding eye-catching Animations to allowing text Input validations including telephone, email, password. It also allows users to be able to make any image interactive with hotspot linking to media elements like images and placing video within video. Creators can include even Interactive call-to-action (CTAs) Buttons and add options like radio, checkboxes, and list options to deliver great personalized and interactive experiences.

Ready-to-use Template libraries for multiple use cases across customer lifecycle journeys

Although, users can easily create new templates by accessing the pre-built controls and can upload their own assets as well. What is exciting is the fact that the platform already has a large pre-build template library which can be used for personalized and interactive video content creation. The library consists of templates belonging to different industries and use-cases. These templates are available in the template library and are easy to use and modifiable as per the need of the enterprise user. These include rich media content use cases for product explainers, customer onboarding, cross-sell, upsell, referrals, product features/ benefits, feedback/ survey, awareness, product explainers, festive wishes and offers, amongst others.

Generative AI Roadmap and Creator Community

VSPAGY's intent is to build the personalized interactive platform with generative AI capabilities to shorten the time for content creation. VSPAGY is also developing a remunerative model for VSPAGY template library contributors and will share details once VSPAGY 3.0 is out of beta. The platform thus will be enabling the creator community and digital agencies to leverage the power of personalization and interactivity.

''We are excited to announce the launch of VSPAGY 3.0. This latest iteration reflects our vision to provide SMEs and SOHO entrepreneurs with unparalleled tools for success,'' said Rashmi Mishra, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of VSPAGY. ''We believe this marks a significant milestone in our journey to redefine digital experiences, and we invite forward-thinking businesses to join us in embracing the future of personalized interactive communication and digital creativity.''

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Founded in 2019, VSPAGY is a leading personalized video interactivity platform that helps enterprises engage with their customers at scale. The AI-enabled platform empowers banks, insurance, fintech, e-commerce, retail, automobile, travel, and hospitality brands to improve their customer engagements using a suite of Personalized Video Interactivity solutions. The SaaS platform helps enterprises create large-scale individualized video conversations and engagements with their customers with secured API protocols as well as real-time performance analytics dashboard reports for tracking and monitoring the campaigns. VSPAGY works with almost all major leading banks and insurance companies in India. VSPAGY is a registered trademark of Acadian Technologies Private Limited. The company is ISO-27001:2013 compliant and is also DPIIT/ DIPP certified as part of the Startup India program.