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VSPAGY Launches Special Offer For Business Mastercard Cardholders

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New Delhi, 05 July, 2022

Offer(s) on VSPAGY Personalized Video Interactivity platform now available through Mastercard Easy Savings Specials.

VSPAGY is a leading personalized video interactivity platform that helps enterprises engage with their customers on a scale. Business Mastercard credit card holders and Signature Debit card holders can now explore and take benefits of exclusive discount(s) on VSPAGY through Mastercard Easy Savings Specials.

The VSPAGY platform provides hyper-personalized video technology solutions for enterprises to create video interactivity engagements with their customers at scale. Offer(s) for business owners and marketeers are now available for creating and enhancing their marketing campaigns with the power of personalised video interactivity.

This announcement comes at an exciting time for the VSPAGY platform, which recently hit a milestone of generating over 500 million personalized video interactive streams since its inception in 2019. The platform has, over the years, helped create some path breaking consumer engagement campaigns across various industries that include banking, insurance, finance, automobile, retail, hospitality, and travel, amongst others.

The platform has enabled engaging consumer connects for marketing teams across large enterprises, leveraging the power of video technology combined with personalised video interactivity for various functions like sales, lead generation, information sharing, renewals, shopping, feedback, real time alerts, and many more used cases all from within the individualised videos at scale.

While talking about these exclusive benefits, now available through Mastercard Easy Savings Specials, Pankaj Saxena, the Founder and CEO of VSPAGY said, ''Our platform has been generating empirical benefits for various large enterprises while enhancing their customer experience, through higher conversions, significant cost reduction, and increased ROIs as the video-technology partner in their marketing campaigns across India. These benefits, announced through Mastercard Easy Savings Specials, will help us expand our foray into some key emerging markets where Mastercard has a strong presence.''

From helping businesses stay secure and compliant, moving operations to the cloud, simplifying finances and more, the Mastercard Easy Savings Specials platform provides offers that can help businesses optimize their performance today, and prepare and protect their business for tomorrow. Mastercard Easy Savings Specials make it easier for small business owners to run, grow and secure their business by bringing everyday value offers across categories that matter most.

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Founded in 2019, the VSPAGY platform enables banks, insurance, fintech, e-commerce, retail, automobile, travel, and hospitality brands to improve their customer engagement using a suite of Personalised Video Interactivity solutions. The platform helps enterprises create large scale individualised video conversations and engagements with their customers with secured API protocols as well as real time performance analytics dashboard reports for tracking and monitoring the campaigns. VSPAGY works with almost all major leading banks and insurance companies in India. VSPAGY is a registered trademark of Acadian Technologies Private limited. The company is ISO-27001:2013 compliant and is also DPIIT/ DIPP certified as part of the Startup India Program.